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S REPORT FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3-5, '18 • • ·"ÁÈÉ ,ɸȯǰ 'ç ,±¯·¸¸Çà ±¿´·¸¸Å ¸²

ìé÷ öăā÷Ăùî

Guard your health carefully.

Bone Pain Easy Bruising Nose Bleeds Fa t i g u e

Gaucher disease can feel like this.

It’s no mitzvah to ignore your symptoms.

In the Ashkenazi community, approximately 1 in 15 men and women are carriers for
Gaucher disease, an inherited genetic condition that causes fatty lipid deposits
to build up in certain organs and bones. Symptoms can mimic other diseases, many
people are misdiagnosed or assume they were tested. Treatment options are
available, including oral treatment.

It’s just a simple blood test. Get tested. ©2018 Genzyme Corporation. All rights reserved. SAUS.GD.18.08.4956
Call 800-745-4447 option 6 for more
information about Gaucher disease and testing.
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